x = 1;



x = x / 2;

Print("The end is near.");

}while( x > 0 );

Operation Payback Dialog

Operation Payback Dialog


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I am not th3j35t3r....but they felt like they could just call the Helena Police Department and pretend to be an Indian tech support guy.
First it's racist.
Second, I don't friggin NEED tech support.
Third, I admire both the FBI and the HPD Forensics guys and know them.
Helena is a SMALL town...
To quote the other pastebin...
"and if we attack him, we'll be the bad guys
We don't want the media to pick this up
Good thing is, attacking him would not bring publicity up, so no press."
Educate: Operation Payback
Jester(Robin Jackson) Information
3) http://twitter.com/th3j35t3r (Jesters twitter)
4) http://dc406.com/ (Registered by robin jackson and has the jester poker on the left)
Participate: LOIC || IRC [See Caught: Warning and Escape for further information]
1) http://pastehtml.com/view/1c8i33u.html [download LOIC/discuss IRC]
2) NO TARGET [target LOIC]
Participate: Wikileaks Insurance
1) http://utorrent.com [download Bittorrent]
3) http://peerblock.com [block dangerous IPs]
Participate: Expose the Fiction
Participate: Expose the Truth
1) http://www.wikihow.com/Google-Bomb [Keyword: Operation Payback]
2) http://www.time.com/time/specials/packages/article/0,28804,2028734_2028733_2028727,00.html [vote @ 98, revote with InPrivate Browsing]
Participate: Other Tools
Clean Up: Protect Yourself
2) Tools > Driver Wiper > Select Drive > Wipe Free Space > Gutman (35) > Wipe
3) http://www.truecrypt.org/ [download TrueCrypt]
4) Select Drive > Encrypt
8)      Set wireless network to unsecured or WAP to claim you were hacked if v&
Caught: Warning and Escape
1) DO NOT PROXY. It will affect the proxy, not the target. That’s why you use VPN.
2)      DO NOT attack on a school, work, or company owned network; your traffic is heavily monitored. You will get caught.
3) DO NOT attack by yourself or in small numbers, you will get caught. While in larger numbers, it's minimal if non-existant, and if server goes down it's impossible to recover corrupt data on who attacked.
4)      DO NOT "bot net" it is illegal. DDoS with LOIC is legal, however.
5)      CHANGE your MAC IP after destroying the internets, or risk having your e-mail MAC IP traced back.
6) If you are v& (vanned) declare you had no participation in this event. Note you are using a dynamic IP address and that many different people use it, because it’s dynamic. If they prove that it was yours, then tell them you are a victim of a “botnet virus” that you had no control or knowledge of. Additionally if you set your wireless to unsecured or WAP prior to LOIC you can claim someone hacked your wireless. Case closed.

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