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Tweetdeck Chrome Extension XSS Vulnerability

Tweetdeck Chrome Extension XSS Vulnerability


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Silly me.

I retweeted a funny tweet by @mikkohypponen at F-Secure about some javascript that had put in the X-VirusScan header of an email, and much to my surprise the javascript executed.

I tweeted the results of my discovery and Mikko had a hard time believing it, but after a couple of go arounds and some screenshots I was taken seriously.  Mikko notified the guys at Twitter and supposedly they have fixed it, but it still is working in my browser today.  Thus I discovered the 140 character, must retweet the message javascript XSS vuln in the Tweetdeck extension for Google Chrome ;)

Here is Mikko's blog entry over at F-Secure.

Back to work ;)



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